Crypto Currency is one of the hottest topics last year and it has taken the investment world by storm. From the onset, its values increased by fifty fold. Many are taking advantage of the trend and want to jump in the hype.

Japan’s government has created an environment more welcoming to crypto currencies in the county. This is the opposite of nearby nations like Korea and China that have strict laws and tried to cripple its movement. The new girl group is a part of the campaign to make known the virtual currency.

With that said an all-girl pop group from Japan was just formed called themselves Virtual Currency Girl or Kaso Tsuka Shojo. It’s time to move over and step aside Japan idols.

Following the wake of crypto currencies, a J-pop group is meant to educate people about this. They are spotted singing about crypto currencies.

This girl group is promoting about the current state of virtual currency including issues like fraud. As a result, this trend is often ignored. According to their manager, “There is a great breakdown in the information and technologies will changed the playfield. It is important to create a campaign that promotes technology as a tool to create a wonderful future.”

The eight members has their own name corresponding to virtual currencies namely Naruse Rara, is called bit coin cash (BCH), Princess Shirahama Nana is bit coin (BTC), Amihiami is Ethicalium (ETH), Nantoru Hana is Neo (NEO), Ai Tousen Momo Mona (MONA), Matsuzawa Fuyako is Cardano (ADA), Kamikawa Lake Haruka Nem (XEM), and Kosugi Hinata Ripple (XRP).

In an online statement, group leader Naruse said “Virtual currency girl is not a unit to promote the investment to carefully select future currencies and spread correct knowledge through entertainment. We will do our best to help everyone”
The ticket for Virtual Currency Girls concert accepts only payment through virtual currencies.

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